The Operational Unit for Development Assistance OUDA, had the pleasure to sign a protocol of cooperation with the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology (E-Just).

The agreement was settled upon how to cooperate in the fields of ethos Culture and revival of heritage, as well as the fields of administrative and political sciences and engineering fields.

Realizing the importance of education and development, OUDA offers a scholarship for the Heritage Science programs.

Master of Heritage (2 years)

Graduate Diploma of Heritage (1 year) 

OUDA Scholarship:

The scholarship is provided by the Operational Unit for Development Assistance OUDA and is designated for excellent post-graduate students who are registered in the heritage science program of E-Just. The scholarships are available to the applicants from the Ministry of Antiquities, Ministry of Culture, individuals from museums, institutes or private sectors in Egypt.

  • The scholarship will cover, totally 100% or partially 50% of the tuition fees
  • Every applicant for the Heritage Science Program is able to apply for the scholarship (if needed)
  • Applicants to the Master and Diploma degrees, are required to apply on the online applications of the programs
  • The scholarship term, is the minimum period necessary, to complete the degree requirements in E-Just, which should be within two years for the Master of Heritage Science Degree and one year for the Diploma of Heritage Science Degree.
  • The scholarship will depend upon the student good standing with the E-Just graduate program, in which he/she is registered. An evaluation progress report will be conducted quarterly about the student’s study level, including the student transcript, academic advisor report, and the updated student research situation.
  • Students are allowed to work during their scholarship period, in view of the bylaws of the Heritage Science Program in E-just as well as the mission of the OUDA.