Development, is the main mandate of OUDA, most importantly through education, training and internships channels, to be provided to qualified national cadres. OUDA provides the highest quality of education in purpose to get the maximum ROI & ROE (Return On Investment & Return On Education) in order to prepare a future generation of highly qualified leaders ready to work in both private and public sectors.

For which we allocate part of OUDA’s income to provide scholarships for calibers and potential applicants which directly serve our mandate and work side by side with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), that addresses the quality of education.

That’s why a partnership between OUDA and ESLSCA Business school was established since 2000 till now; with ESLSCA being known for its reputation as one of the top universities with highest rankings in the middle east and Europe guarantees the achievement of our mandate. In addition to partnership with other top notched business schools, like the Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences (AAMBFS), Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-Just) and The Business School of Netherland (BSN).

OUDA’s offers scholarships for:

  • PGD (Post Graduate Diplomas)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration)