What is SSDA?

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Egypt and the Operational Unit for Development Assistance OUDA announced the establishment of South-South Development Academy Egypt (SSDA-Egypt) in 2014. SSDA-Egypt is operating as a chapter of the Global South-South Development Academy (GSSDA), being the first fully fledged entity in the Middle East and Africa region to take part in the Global South-South Development Academy.

GSSDA seeks to contribute to the strategic understanding of development options so as to empower partners seeking to forge their development pathways. Following the footsteps of the GSSDA, SSDA-Egypt aims to foster national self-reliance, among other developing countries by enhancing its creative capacities to find solutions to its development challenges through the exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as sharing technical and human resources.

One of the main functions of SSDA-Egypt, is scaling up or replicating development projects. There are several successful projects in Egypt and around the world, but most of the time they remain in one city and do not expand to the rest of the country, let alone other countries. Scaling up and replicating an already existing project ensures that there will not be a loss in resources, as the projects are not in their start-up phase and their outcome can be calculated beforehand. SSDA along with the UNDP, GSSDA and other stakeholders are collaborating toward visibility, partnership, support and resource mobilization efforts to facilitate the implementation of pilot solutions.

Based on national development priorities, SSDA-Egypt identify thematic areas on yearly basis with which it conducts research to identify the best development solutions for documentation and dissemination.

Our Goals:

SSDA-Egypt’s main objective is to effectively contribute to sustainable development and become the key knowledge hub for successful development solutions in the country as well as establish partnerships with development organizations, local centers of excellence, academic institutions, potential solution providers and funding institutions to mitigate underdevelopment and result in progress towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals.

Criteria of Selection:

  • At least one of the funders of the project has to have the Egyptian nationality
  • Projects scaled up or replicated by SSDA-Egypt have to have been launched previously, with documents to prove their success
  • Any Project should have an existing source of funding to ensure the project’s sustainability


  • The application and registration processes are free of charge
  • There is no deadline for accepting applications. SSDA-Egypt accepts applications all year long

Contact Details:

  • Mailing Address: South-South Development Academy: 46 El-Thawra St, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo – Egypt.
  • Tel: (+202) 24181853 – 24181856 – 24181857.
  • Fax: (+202) 24181663