AAMBFS is a regional non-profit organization that has campuses and partnerships in Arab countries.  It is an institution of the joined Arab Action affiliated with the Council of Arab Economic Unity, The league of Arab States enjoying full diplomatic status, financial and administrative independence.

AAMBFS has developed into an innovative, forward-looking center of excellence, with a well-deserved reputation for professional and business education, training, consultancy and research. Today, it is poised ready and equipped to face the educational and professional challenges of the knowledge-based economy. AAMBFS has expanded and changed considerably since it was founded. However, it has always maintained the principles it was founded for. Historically, AAMBFS has an unrivalled record in setting precedents – in all its fields of specialization including its pioneering services in distance learning.

AAMBFS signed several agreements with a number of Arab universities & institutions that enabled it to establish branches or representative offices in different Arab countries, such as: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Libya, Djibouti, Syria, Palestine and Yemen.

The AAMBFS Academic Council has decided that the year of 2019 is the “Year of Technology”. Accordingly, the AAMBFS’s new vision concentrates on the digitalization of the Academy’s centers, services and even courses by entering new markets with new products and repositioning the academy as a renovated brand name in the Arab region.

Across the years, our over 20,000 Bachelor, MBA and DBA students and over 190,000 trainees have one thing in common: the motivation to take the next challenging step in their lives. Here at the Academy, we provide them with this challenge; where our academic standards are high and our resources extensive.

AAMBFS is a member of the following Associations:

  • The Association of Arab Universities
  • The International Association of Universities
  • The European Banking & Financial Services Training Association
  • The Federation of Arab Scientific Research Council
  • The Arab Federation of Technical Education


We strive to make a fundamental impact on banking, financial services and different business areas in the Arab World.

AAMBFS Mission

Our mission is to prepare human cadres capable of using the latest technologies and techniques and applying the contemporary managerial knowledge in banking, financial institutions, and other business areas. We offer world-class solutions in education, training, technology and research, by hiring international qualified specialists and building strong partnerships with outstanding universities and specialized research centers.

AAMBFS Pillars

  • Education
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Transformative Technology Institute
  • Research & Development
  • Arab & Foreign Relations