LEADERSHIP - Servants:

Responding to the current government vision to rationalize the recruitment of advisors / external consultants in line ministries, there is immediate need to address capacity gaps in middle level management in various line ministries, by building on a pilot basis a cadre of 30 government officials in 5 to 6 ministries.

In line with OUDA mandate to enhance national human resource capacities, this project intends to initiate leadership training program for civil servants and government employees in selected ministries, by providing skills to selected stand from MOIC and other ministries.

The training program will focus on enhancing managerial and leadership skills to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of public resources.

Through this leadership program, MIC aims to lessen the dependability on local external consultants and advisors to develop a cadre of national professionals and selected ministries.

With this output, possibilities to enhance the capacities and existing state learning institutions and collaborations with international public administration academies will be explored.

The program was designed on three stages as follows:

1-      Foundation stage for the basic management skills.
2-      Second stage specialized courses and diploma certificate.
3-      Their stage post graduate studies for highest performers (MBA or equivalent) in partnership with reputable academic institutions.  .