The Egypt Network for Integrated Development "ENID / El Nidaa":

The thematic areas of this solution are poverty reduction, women employment and economic empowerment. In 2012 (ENID / El Nidaa) was a five-year initiative to develop viable and sustainable skill development and employment opportunities in South Upper Egypt, where levels of poverty and unemployment are high. It operates as a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project under the umbrella of Egypt’s Ministry of International Cooperation.
ENID works to address these gender challenges in its integrated approach to development.

Moreover, there are significant constrains face women to access to labor market such as the mismatch between skills acquired in schooling and what the labor market requires. Lack of a suitable work environment for female employees could be another constraint for female job seekers.

The project currently focuses in Upper Egypt and Qena, in particular, where the poverty rate is 58%, one of the highest in the country, where 34.5% of the population is illiterate and where 13.5% are without jobs. The purpose for ENID programs is to provide sustainable and successful project models for replication and ownership by the local communities. Innovation in ENID’s approach rests on introducing best practice interventions. Its methodology is based on action-oriented research that identifies sectors and products with growth opportunities and scalability, both local and nation-wide. It implements and adopts business and entrepreneurship models that have shown success elsewhere in the world, such as clusters promotion, the ‘one village one product ‘skill model, and asset transfer. Creating best practice models that are scalable, with the potential for replication by local communities and supported by themselves, with private or government partnerships, is critical to the ENID mission.