Thematic areas: ICT, Education, Employment

Country: Egypt

The Egyptian national initiative for human capacity building; “Education Development for Universities in Egypt (EDUEgypt)” is a training initiative implemented in 16 Egyptian universities spanning 57 faculties as a result of a cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) on the 30th of December in 2007. The program is implemented by the Egyptian Information Technology Institute (ITI); one of the leading Human Capacity Development and Building establishments regionally and internationally.

EDUEgypt aims at bridging the gap between the university students’ skills and the required competencies by the ICT job market and targets senior students in Egyptian universities as an optional training program that is not part of students’ academic studies, promising them numerous job opportunities in the outsourcing industry on the successful completion of the Program.

EDUEgypt Program is carried out once a year in the 16 Egyptian universities.

The solution offers the following services:

After seven years of implementation, the following accomplishments were achieved:

– Influencing the lives of 43,500 trainees through availing training opportunities across Egypt and qualifying them to have a job opportunity that would increase their income by providing up to 11,000 lucrative job opportunities (through 6 employment fairs) per year for graduates.

– The average of employment rate of EDUEgypt graduates is 65%.

– Trainees’ attendance exceeded 82% during the academic year.

– Cooperating with 16 Egyptian universities spanning 55 faculties to implement a training initiative.

– Through EDUEgypt’s orientation sessions, more than 100,000 university students, academia and students’ parents are now aware of the outsourcing industry and its impact on the national economy.

– More than 100,000 Egyptian students were assessed as a part of EDUEgypt admission exam.

– Qualifying 500 Egyptian certified trainers (who delivered 10,875,000 training hours inside the Egyptian universities) and   equipping them with latest training techniques and methodologies.

– EDUEgypt is a tool to brand Egypt as the potential destination for the O&O industry all overall the world.

Partners: The MCIT, ITIDA, ITI, Training Industry, MoHE, The Egyptian Universities, ICT Industry.