Thematic areas: IT, Social Development

Country: Egypt

In Egypt, there is limited collaboration and support between parties such as NPOs, CSOs, corporate, social entrepreneurs and citizens to solve the development problems of Egypt.

To bridge the gap between the tens of thousands of different initiatives in Egypt those are working in social development, Bright Creations, a digital creative agency launched BECAUSE. BECAUSE is an online platform that connects the for-profit and non-profit sectors in the Middle East. It was launched in December 2013,  The platform includes  BECAUSE, an online magazine which provide information on the work of social innovators, CSR programs, CSOs and charities with the aim of facilitating cross-collaborations, by writing profiles on the interesting projects done by each organization.

BECAUSE reveals what the organizations can offer as well as their needs. BECAUSE, is an online platform that aims to shed light on all the different work done by any entity working in the development field in Egypt with the aim of bringing them all together under one platform so as to find out about one another, connect, interact, join forces and cross-collaborate.

The platform is not just addressed to entities working in the field of development; the articles provide other interested parties with in-depth information on the work of those different players, as well as ways of contacting these entities. It also states how any individual can volunteer. This is topped up, by an easy-to-navigate menu that is linked to other platforms in the development field.

Furthermore, the inclusive atmosphere provided by the website ensures that no party feels left out. BECAUSE covers environmental work in and outside the country, which enriched its viewers to include readers in Saudi Arabia, the united Arab Emirates as well as other countries in the MENA region.


  • Within four years of implementation, the followings were achieved:
  • Over 200 articles written on more than 15 different causes.
  • Provides information on the work of over 60 companies, 70 NPOs and 50 social businesses.
  • Reached a peak of 2,000 unique visitors in a day.
  • A great deal of interest from different parties including Ashoka Arab World, Ice RIBH and other NGOs and private sector companies.
  • Have already built a growing BECAUSE network of NGOs, social business and companies.
  • Have readers in Saudi, UAE and other countries in addition to Egypt.


Partners: BECAUSE platform operates under the umbrella of Bridgegypt, a CSR and communications consultancy.