WTO Negotiations

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1- WTO
-Ministerial Declaration.
-Brief Historical Background.
-The GATT System (Objectives & Basic Principles).
-Wide Misconceptions about the GATT / WTO System .
-Facts about Terminology.

2- Developing Countries & WTO
-Trade Remedies.
-The Problems of Joining WTO for Countries in Transitional Economic Transformation.

3- Promotion of Foreign Trade in Egypt
-Status of Foreign Trade in Egypt.
-Trade Policy in Egypt (internal dimension).
-Trade Policy in Egypt (external dimension).
-Explaining the problems and suggesting solutions.
-International Business Linkages.
-How to deal with Foreign Trade.
-Organizing Foreign Economic & Trade Relations; Bilateral.
-Organizing Foreign Economic & Trade Relations; Regional.
-Protection of Domestic Market against imports.
-Strategic options in international markets Requirements – Considerations – Foundation –  Investing – Strategies.
-Organization of Export-Import operations, taking into consideration the globalization of the world.

4- Egypt in the Framework of the World Trade Organization
-Brief description of the different agreements under the auspices of the WTO (Agriculture, Services, TRIPS, etc.).
-Evaluation of Egypt’s commitments in the WTO compared to other developing countries.
-What position should Egypt take in the negotiations in the future rounds?

5- Promoting Investment in Egypt
-Overview: Egypt’s Free Zones (Privileges, Incentives, Exemption and Guarantees).
-Introduction to Modern Investment.
-Concepts and benefits.
-Implementation follow up.
-Budgeting 7 control.
-Performance Analysis & Deviation assessment.
-Foreign Investment promotion.
-Introduction to Foreign Investment promotion.
-Private Foreign Investment (Pros & Cons).
-Motives & regulations for foreign investment.
-FDI and Foreign Indirect Investment.
-How beneficial are foreign investments for developing countries?
-Management of Foreign Financial Resources.
-Egypt as a country donor.

6- Trade Laws and Double Taxation Treaties
-Taxes agreements and regulations.


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