Power of Paradox

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The Power of Paradox
Your strong trait in itself is not necessarily a genuine strength, it may be your greatest weakness if not supported by its paradoxical trait. Two strong paradoxical traits create a genuine strength.

Workshop Overview
We all have blind spots that may affect our choices and decisions, and in order to limit the negative consequences of our blind spots and cognitive bias, we need to balance our leadership traits. This workshop will reveal your core paradoxical traits that you need to balance and have the ability of:

  • Being confident in your opinions while reflecting on many different viewpoints
  • Having g a mindful courage and taking risk while analyzing pitfalls
  • Putting forward your wants and needs while responding to others ‘needs and supporting them to  achieve their goals
  • Accepting yourself as you are while improving yourself to be better
  • Being logical and examine facts while trusting your hearts and intuition
  • Realizing your blind spot

Workshop Outline

  • Blind spots and cognitive biases affecting our choices and perspectives
  • The increased level of contradicting demands and conflicting forces
  • What is Paradox and Paradoxical traits that we need to balance in order to manage the increased level of contradicting forces and tensions?
  • Your own 3 Sets of Paradoxes:

         Interpersonal paradoxes

    • Opinion: How you form and hold opinions
    • Self: How you manage self-esteem and self-improvement
    • Communication: How you manage directness and tactfulness when communicating with others
    • Power: How you approach helping others and asserting your needs

       Achievement Paradoxes

    • Innovation: How you approach trying new things and overcoming obstacles
    • Decision Approach: How you use logic & intuition when making decisions
    • Motivation: How you deal with self-motivation & stress
    • Organization: how you deal with adaptability and creating organization

       Leadership Paradoxes

    • Strategic: How you strategically manage risk
    • Strategic acumen: How you approach opportunities and mindfulness of risk
    • Delegation: How you approach self-responsibility and collaboration
    • Driving: How you manage rapport and empathy when managing the performance of others

Workshop Duration: 2 days.

Debriefing & Coaching One-to-One Session (45 min.): Discussing paradox report interpretation, highlighting strengths and possible development areas. Optional to be scheduled for 3rd day with the participant(s) who need debriefing sessions.

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