Media Relations and Media Training

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Media Relations

  • Media relations are rather like the cultivation of a tree. It takes time, resources and patience for the results to begin to show, but, if you tend it well, it will grow, establish firm roots and continue to blossom year after year. As with most things, you must first do the groundwork before you can see the results.
  • Media relations work is an excellent illustration of the law of reaping what you sow in practice.
  • It is easily forgotten that media specialists have to fill space and that space will be read by many customers, and potential consumers of your business. So why shouldn’t it be your business that people read about? Why shouldn’t it be simply your valuable messages? Helpful journalistic comment is an invaluable marketing tool for your business.


Media Relations

  • What is “Media Relations”?
  • Importance of Media Relations
  • How to Establish Media Relations
  • How to Win Confidence and Influence Writers
  • Media Scene:
    • Media philosophy in Egypt
    • How does media operate
    • Different approach & different media


Media Training

  • Our main objective of the media training course is to train communicators to deal with the media and different stakeholders.  It gives the participants the knowledge of the media relations, especially in Egypt.  Moreover, during the course, participants will learn how to design communications campaigns, plan and manage media events. and most importantly how to conduct media interviews
  • The training course  is designed to accommodate trainees and the media team that are continuously dealing with the media


Media Training

  • The different media interviews
  • How to handle media interviews
  • How to take advantage of an interview to deliver messages
  • How to handle aggressive media
  • Preparation of the interview
  • Conducting interviews
  • Body language and speech
  • Live training (recorded audio and video)
  • Critique


Media Training workshop

  • Live interviews workshop
  • All interviews are videotaped by professional staff
  • After each interview the trainer does the “critique” to highlight the points of strength, weaknesses, body language, tone of voice, delivery of messages…etc.
  • The interviews are escalated from simple straight forward interviews, up to aggressive and attacking ones, putting the interviewer in a real life situation with real stress


Course Outcome

  • Understand the Egyptian media scene and how to manage them effectively
  • Learn how to fully prepare for your media interviews
  • Learn how to get your key messages across clearly
  • Speak with greater confidence and influence when talking to the media
  • Learn how to think on your feet and deal with awkward questions, and bridge back to your messages
  • Convey a more professional style when appearing on TV/Camera

Course Features

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