Crisis Management

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Crisis Management

Importance of Crisis Management

  • In times where the whole world faces diversified crisis, that affect almost every country or organization, celebrity or public figure, crisis management comes as a priority of survival.
  • It is essential to understand and practice the crisis’ right procedures, in order to overcome its damage, with the least possible casualties.
  • Throughout the years, the science of communication and public relations have developed the guidelines and best practice for the readiness plan of a crisis; along with the best way to manage communication during a crisis.
  • This workshop will guide the participants through the whole process of crisis management, coaching them on real live crisis situation and how to best manage its communication.

The work shop achieves the following objectives

  • Developing the concept of crisis communication
  • The procedures cycle of a crisis
  • The ten commandments to be followed in a crisis
  • Handling the media during the crisis (Difficult media interviews on how to survive a crisis within the media)


Crisis Management

  • Definition of a Crisis
  • Readiness plan
  • Crisis Team
  • Role of Communications in a Crisis
  • Preparing Messages
  • Procedures
  • DO’S and DON’T
  • Lessons when dealing with Crisis
  • Live Crisis case


Crisis Management workshop

  • A real case study is tailored to meet the client’s line of business and crisis situations
  • Participants are put in real pressure and stress. They are asked to handle the situation professionally in real life situation crisis
  • Media interviews are conducted during the crisis

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