Communication strategies

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Communication strategies

Communication is the backbone of success of any corporation, public figures and celebrities 

  • Taking charge of how, when and where to communicate with your target audience can make or break your business and your image.
  • Professional communication can help you; bad communication can destroy you. It’s never too late to start harnessing the incredible power of communication.


All what you have to know about communication strategies

  • PR professionals need a framework for understanding how all various tasks and concepts used in PR work come together to shape a campaign that is based on theory.

The outline

  • The evolution of campaign strategies
  • The importance of the strategy workshop
  • The four models of strategies
  • How to develop a communication campaign
  • How to identify the stakeholders and target audience
  • The drafting of messages
  • Identifying the different tactics and tools that reach the target audience (Business, media and consume outreach
  • Budgeting



  • Trainees are asked to develop a live communication campaign, implementing all the pillars of the strategy
  • The strategy must include:
    • The outline and plan
    • The approach
    • The methodology of the plan
    • Objectives, target audience, messages, tactics and tools. Budgeting

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