Ambition Alliance: Peer/Group Coaching

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Group Coaching

The Ambition Alliance combines group coaching and accountability, networking, Business Effectiveness teaching, and Masterminding, all into one group. Meeting monthly for 2.5 hours, the Ambition Alliance brings together a small group of successful business people and a professional coach who work, on a confidential basis, to evaluate and solve each other’s business problems. In an Ambition Alliance you’ll evaluate the state of your business, understand your unique leadership behavior styles, understand the best business practices of other successful businesses, confidentially brainstorm with fellow business owners to solve problems, work in teams and with partners to develop plans for improvement, and follow-up with fellow business owners to insure plans get implemented.

A Unique, All-in-One and Affordable Blend
of an Advisory Group and Business Coaching

Do you struggle to manage your office?
Do you want to build a stronger team?
What do you do to avoid costly mistakes?
Are you confused by too many good choices?
Do you want explosive business growth?


If you are struggling with any of these questions, then we got the answers.

Join us in our Ambition Alliance program and let your business reach its full potential.

What you will get:

  • ⦁ Guidance in your day to day office management.
    ⦁ You will be accountable to achieve the agreed upon steps each session.
    ⦁ Fast Tracked learning path.
    ⦁ A safe zone to share your business struggles / challenges.
    ⦁ Motivation to always excel.
    ⦁ Emotional support from your coach and peers.
    ⦁ You will learn to work ON your business and not IN it.
    ⦁ Broad networking opportunity.
    ⦁ Learn how to grow your business by getting more out of your employees and resources.
    ⦁ Have a broader and diverse perspectives of your business.
    ⦁ Real and honest feedback.
    ⦁ You will get to know yourself and others better.

Duration Every Month:

Group meeting once a month for 3.5 hours
⦁ 8-10 participants learning, sharing and encouraging each other.
⦁ Confidentiality promised.
⦁ You keep all of the lessons.
⦁ Behavioral Assessment – Extended DISC
An individual coaching session once a month for 1.5 hours
Personalized service to meet your exact needs.

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