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The 12th Egypt CSR Forum


The 12th Egypt CSR and Sustainable Development Forum will be held in the Upper Egypt governorate of Luxor within the framework of directives of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and the serious steps taken by the Egyptian government to achieve balanced development in all parts of Egypt at economic, social and environment levels. This is meant to realize sustainability and ensure fair distribution of the fruits of development in addition to securing decent life for the current and coming generations. The Egyptian state is keen on cooperating with all the parties concerned and international partners to accelerate the achievement of a clear development impact that contributes to Egypt Vision 2030.

It aims at promoting the government’s efforts and providing all stakeholders with the opportunity to build effective partnerships that drive development forward to ensure a decent life for the Egyptian citizen.

The forum is held under the theme of “Institutional Development & Capacity Building are the Main Engines In Guaranteeing Sustainability” with an aim to support the ongoing state efforts to secure decent life for Egyptian citizens nationwide in addition to engaging in effective partnerships that provide all needed finance to expedite localizing the sustainable development goals and creating a competitive advantage of the Egyptian governorates so that the Egyptian economy will become more flexible and productive.

The Four day forum will address several important tracks with regard to narrowing the financing gap and fair distribution of financing opportunities in view of available opportunities, number of beneficiaries and the development impact. The forum will review development projects in various parts of Egypt, the best practices, the stories of success of Egyptian and international partners in addition to the presidential initiatives which were launched by the Egyptian state to secure decent life for Egyptian citizens as well as contributions of each ministry to accelerate the achievement of this goal. This has created an opportunity for cooperation and mobilization of efforts of all parties.

The forum will provide a GRI certification through a 16 hours GRI standards training course included understanding; sustainable development, the transition from the G4 guidelines to the GRI standards, the various tools for measuring sustainability impacts, the value and the way to effectively engage stakeholders, how to define report content, how to apply GRI technical protocols, and more.

As well as providing a training course on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in cooperation with Global Sustain, as a robust climate governance and reporting framework to define the impacts of climate change, risks and opportunities, climate-related policies, and emerging technologies on financial markets.

The forum also organize an intensive training program and workshops about ESG from A to Z: implementing ESG standards on business models, developmental impact measurement tools, social inclusion sustainability strategies, the role of digital transformation in accelerating to achieve sustainable development, and sustainable financing and limiting climate changeimpact, that will be presented by prominent international experts in the best and up-to-date practices in the development field.

Start Time

12:00 PM

March 10, 2022

Finish Time

1:00 PM

March 13, 2022


Luxor Jolie Ville Resort & Spa, Kings Island, Luxor City