From Vision to Action

The Fourth Forum on Green Economy will be held this year under the theme “From Vision to Action” aiming to discuss the roadmap of the private sector to take a step forward from shaping visions to taking action not only to stop climate change and its devastating impact, but also reverse it.

The forum is held within the framework of the national efforts being exerted by the Egyptian government, and development partners – under directives of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi – to give priority to projects and programs for shifting to green economy, supporting climate action, and promoting development partnerships among the private sector as well as international and regional development institutions to achieve green and sustainable growth.

The forum also corresponds with the context of getting companies and parties concerned with green transition ready for the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (COP27) which Egypt will host in November 2022.

Over the past eight years, Egypt has taken serious strides for shifting to green economy. This included the launch of a national strategy for green economy, increase of the percentage of green investments in the state budget, and for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa, issuance of green bonds. Moreover, Egypt expanded development partnerships and integrated environmental sustainability standards and implemented many projects in the field of green economic development, such as renewable energy, transportation, sustainable cities, recycling, and cleaner industrial production. Additionally, Egypt adopted other measures that aimed to cut carbon emissions and pollution rates to provide healthy and sustainable environment for citizens, reduce poverty and face the impact of climate change.

This year’s forum aims to review the practices of the business community in Egypt with regard to climate issues and adaptation in light of local and global challenges and Egypt’s Vision 2030.

The forum will also highlight the efforts of the private sector and its attempts to adopt sustainable practices, reduce emissions, rationalize resources consumption and improve manufacturing processes. the forum will also address the role of business institutions and companies to boost the national strategy for green economy, curb the impact of thermal emissions and climate change, and unite efforts to achieve the best results for shifting to green economy.

Moreover, the forum’s sessions, activities, and training workshops will focus on increasing awareness of green economy and highlighting the benefit of green finance, sustainable investment opportunities, in addition to assessing social and environmental returns.

The forum also falls with the context of getting companies and the parties concerned with green transition ready for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) which Egypt will host this year 2022.

Start Time

10:00 AM

June 27, 2022

Finish Time

6:00 PM

June 27, 2022


The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo