Power of Pentapyramid (REACH)

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The Power of Pentapyramid
The pyramid always symbolizes consciousness of strength and energy. The place that can be used to prepare us for the future and renewal. REACH workshop is structuring the ultimate balance of life in a pentagonal pyramid shape, calling it Pentapyramid. Where the base of the pyramid represents 5 fundamental spaces that reflect our life. They are physical, spiritual, social, professional, and financial. The steps of each side of the Pentapyramid represent the “here and now” in 7 Steps: Intentions, Thoughts, Words, Images, Actions, Habits, Characters ” that is shaping and determining our destiny in each of the 5 life spaces addressing the mindset, skillset & toolset.

Workshop Outline

  • If you have the freedom of choice, how do you know that your choices are the right ones?
  • Is what you are doing today, leading to where you want to be tomorrow?
  • The five domains of life that you need to balance: Physical, Spiritual, Social, Professional & Financial
  • Your journey from Intention to Destiny: Intentions, Thoughts, Words, Images, Action, Habits, Character & Destiny
  • Understanding your own 15 Paradoxes contributing to the success of your 5 life domains


               Physical Paradoxes 

    • Rejuvenation: Restoration to a more youthful, fresh, or lively condition
    • Vitality: The life force and the property of being able to survive and grow
    • Nourishment: The act of nourishing the body


               Spiritual Paradoxes

    • Wisdom: The accumulated knowledge or insights or enlightenment
    • Harmony: How your opinions and actions are compatible
    • Fulfillment: The act of accomplishing something, a desire or promise, etc.


               Social Paradoxes

    • Trust: Believing in the honesty and reliability of others
    • Respect: How you manage directness and tactfulness with others
    • Mutual Benefits: How you approach helping others and asserting your needs


               Professional Paradoxes

    • Dignity: The quality of being worthy of esteem or respect
    • Self-Awareness: How you manage self-esteem & self-improvement
    • Realism: The attribute of accepting the facts of life and approaching opportunities with mindfulness of difficulties


               Financial Paradoxes

    • Purpose: To complete a task for an aim or intention by enjoying work and self-discipline
    • Integrity: Being responsible for your wellbeing, while doing the right things in reliable way
    • Conscientiousness: The quality of doing work or duty well and thoroughly with tendency to save and invest


Workshop Duration: 2 Days.

Debriefing & Coaching One-to-One Session (45 min.): Discussing paradox report interpretation, highlighting strengths and possible development areas. Optional to be scheduled for 3rd day with the participant(s) who need debriefing sessions.

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