Course Modules

Project Management Introduction
In this course you will learn how to scope, plan and manage projects using project management techniques. You will also study project management legal framework, leadership concepts and principle to recognize and manage team dynamics. The primary goals of this course is to understand best practice principles of project management and the ability to apply them in industrial, professional and commercial conditions.

Project Initiation Management
Effective management requires front-end planning which takes place at the strategic planning phase. This course will give you the knowledge and skills to develop front-end planning in local, national and international environments.

Project Estimation and Financial Management
Cost and financial management of a project are critical to the project management process. Furthermore, the ability to explore as well as evaluate funding options and plans is essential in project management. This course will cover project costing and establish its pertinence to the project management process. You will develop the project management skills required to differentiate and compare various financing schemes in addition to estimating and evaluating projects and corporations. Also, you will understand how project financial management principles apply in today’s industry practices.

Techniques of Project Management
Project time and cost management will be explored in this course. You will gain the knowledge needed to apply these concepts to various projects. Additionally, the use of specialized software will enable to further develop these skills.

Project Risk Evaluation and Management
In this course you will analyses risks in the context of project management. You will develop the ability to apply processes and principles of risk management as well as gain the techniques needed for financial and economic evaluation of projects uncertainties and risks.

Design Project for Quality
Project design management and documentation are essential elements for reaching project goals. In this course you will understand the impact of various elements that contribute to the project design process. You will also observe the direct correlation between project design and project outcomes. The main objective of this course is to gain knowledge of quality management and its effect on project management outcomes using quality assurance and quality control systems.

Project Team Management
This course will cover the role of the project manager in regards to their team, managing differences and promoting integration. You will be introduced to various management styles and their influence on team structures. This course’s main objective is to understand the relation between the organization goals and team management using appropriate strategies for positive outcomes.

Management of Information and Technology
Decision making based on evidence is crucial to project management. This requires analysis of data and use of information management systems. In this course you will develop the skills to determine the communication and information needed for projects of various sizes. You will also be able to choose the best technology to use in the given context. Additionally, you will be introduced to technologies that will facilitate communication and sharing of information as well as develop the ability to evaluate qualitative and quantitative data.



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