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Project Title: Support to the Modernization of Egypt Post

Post Title: Short term National Consultant

Implementing partner: Egypt Post

Contract duration: 70 working Days



Egypt Post is one of the main public institutions operating under the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) and, pursuant to law 19/1982, and acknowledged as an independent agency under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), which is a status lending it a special legal structure that allows for considerably greater latitude and autonomy than most public entities. EP is a massive establishment with some 39,000 employees and around 4,000+ branches across Egypt. Its extensive office networks located in metropolitan, rural and remote areas offer a range of additional services including social security payments, licenses and registrations, document verification, state pension and payroll disbursement, as well as a considerable number of application and payment services. It has also been instrumental in providing financial services to segments of the population most likely to be financially excluded, such as lower income individuals and the unemployed. Leveraging its existing postal network infrastructure could be one of the strategies Egypt employs  to address economic empowerment among historically disadvantaged segments of society. With an increasingly well-developed infrastructure and a historical link to local communities, EP’s ongoing, bold reform and restructuring efforts can also serve as the locus of continuous innovation and as its digital ecosystem expands, trends can be spotted and emerging customer and developmental needs can be anticipated. While EP has demonstrated remarkable institutional flexibility in its ability to develop and diversify, consolidating and widening its customer base, and introducing a host of complementary services, primarily for the benefit of the poor and other excluded groups, many challenges remain. Continued support is needed to maintain momentum and stakeholder interest, and to scale up on the successes.

The aim of UNDP’s engagement in this area is to continue to support the government’s commitment to reducing regional disparities as well as promoting integrated development by implementing local socio-economic development solutions and models that are cross-sectoral and benefit the poorest and most vulnerable regions and populations, including women and youth (reflected in the UNDP CPD 2023-2027); in addition to Egypt Post’s own strategy. It also signals UNDP’s strong commitment to the development of ICT infrastructure and innovation in the context of promoting the implementation of sustainable development goals.


The primary objective of this assignment is to provide support and strategic guidance for Egypt Post to formulate required Project Document for its continued cooperation with UNDP,. Furthermore, the consultant is required to liaise with UNDP, collaborate closely with Egypt Post’s top management and relevant teams to ensure compliance with UNDP requirements.

The required Project Document will ensure full alignment with relevant visions and strategies of both parties. Furthermore, the assignment aims at developing an action plan to enable better resource allocation, set wide directions, and providing integrated services to help Egypt post play the national role required to improve services and social integration for better results in obtaining financial inclusion targets and guide team members toward a common goal.

The document will be the main document for collaboration Between Egypt Post and United Nations Development Program over the next seven years starting from 2025.

Specific results of this assignment will be as follows:

  • Formulate the Project Document that adheres to UNDP requirements aiming to support the implementation of Egypt Post’s strategic objectives and operational plans, while taking into consideration the cooperation broadlines with UNDP and the Country Programme Document (CPD) for Egypt (2023 – 2027). The formulation process of the Project Document should depend on a participatory approach for all stakeholders.
  • Development of an action plan that responds to the developed project document.
  • A developed proposal of the institutional plan’s vision, programs, directions and goals with KPIS to be presented to the concerned parties throughout the project.

 The short-term expert/consultant is expected to sequentially provide the following:

  • Develop an inception report that includes:

1) Gap Analysis of areas of work that need to be covered in the new cooperation framework

2) Relevant National Strategies and programs to include in the new project.

  • Develop and submit the draft project document and action plan for review and approval
  • Submit the final project document and prepare the relevant presentation in English of the document’s main points, fields of cooperation and the time frame.



Consultant should implement this assignment with close coordination and consultation with UNDP team and Egypt Post.





Deliverable 1:  Formulate an Inception report that includes: a Gap analysis of recommended areas that should be covered in the new cooperation framework and areas that are already covered, including relevant national strategic objectives and program.


Deliverable 2: Submit the  new draft project document and action plan for review.


Deliverable 3: Submit the final project document for review and approval and deliver the related presentation in English




The following table provides sequence, estimated number of working days:

Deliverables Sequence


Payment Terms

Deliverable 1: Prepare and Submit Inception report(including a gap analysis and suggested areas of cooperation to include in the new project aligned with National Strategic Objectives, EP’s priorities, and UNDP’s CPD and strategy) for review and approval. 15 Working Days 20% upon submission and approval from EP and UNDP
Deliverable 2: Submit Draft Project Document for review and approval 35 Working Days 30% upon submission and approval from EP and UNDP
Deliverable 3: Submit Final Project Document in accordance with received feedback from both entites and deliver the related presentation 20 Working Days 50% upon submission and approval from EP and UNDP
Total  70


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