Senior Technical Officer – Biodiversity Conservation Workstream (part-time basis)

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Project Background:

The “Green Sharm El-Sheikh” project is committed to turn Sharm El-Sheikh into an integrated and ecologically sustainable tourism city of national and international importance. The project aims to establish a new sustainable paradigm of how tourist destinations can successfully address the challenges of development and growth. The city of Sharm El-Sheikh is expected to become one of the first Green Tourist Destinations and Sustainable Cities in Egypt and in the Arab region.

An overall strategy for achieving the goal of a sustainable city will be developed and will integrate the contributions on sustainability from several stakeholders, including the Government Departments concerned, the municipality, the protected areas of Ras Mohammed, Abu Galum and Nabq as well as hotels, tourism operators, NGOs, and local communities. The Sharm El-Sheiks Sustainable Development Strategy (SSDS) and action plan will encompass several activities revolving around the five main project pillars: biodiversity, energy, transport, water and waste.

Project implementation is based on a holistic approach to various ‘greening’ activities, including low carbon technologies, sustainable water supply and resource use, effective waste management, pollution prevention and well-managed protected areas safeguarding biodiversity and natural resources of the area. Project activities also balance socio-economic and urban development and the growth of the tourism sector, through sustainability planning and standards.

The project support to the city of Sharm El-Sheikh is a first important step for integrating energy and resource efficiency, solid waste management, biodiversity and green infrastructure into a framework for a sustainable and resilient city to improve the quality of life.

Project implementation include technical assistance, capacity building, demonstration of good practice for climate change mitigation, chemicals and waste prevention and management, minimization of environmental impacts, reduction of carbon emissions and reduction of impacts on the natural capital and its biodiversity.

Project interventions are expected to showcase the city as a model that can offer lessons learned and opportunities for replication elsewhere in Egypt.

The Project consists of the following interlinked components:

  • Component 1 will emplace an enabling framework for a green sustainable tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh, by:
    • Developing an integrated sustainable development strategy and action plan
    • Developing a marketing and branding strategy for green tourism
    • Ensuring that increased investment in environmental sustainability is in line with the new strategy and implementation plan
  • Component 2 will reduce GHG and UPOPS emissions in targeted urban zones through innovations and public and private partnership, by:
    • Building capacity for integrated urban planning in Sharm El-Sheikh to identify, design and implement innovative low-carbon and climate-resilient solutions
    • Developing a long-term financing scheme to increase private sector investments in environmental technologies and biodiversity conservation, including (consultancy)
    • Reducing GHG and UPOPs emissions and other negative environmental impact through interventions addressing tourism facilities and the built environment in Sharm El Sheikh, and through green purchasing and improved waste management and recycling
  • Component 3. will enhance biodiversity protection measures for management and mitigation of key threats, by:
    • Planning and management of marine and coastal protected areas adjacent to Sharm El Sheikh
    • Increasing protected area financing through improved revenue generation and reinvestment
    • Monitoring economic practices that harm biodiversity and the status of key biodiversity resources
    • Improving the participation and benefit sharing by communities neighbouring protected areas
    • Engaging hotels, related enterprises and tourists in measures that protect biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Component 4. Knowledge management and Monitoring and Evaluation

Duties and responsibilities:

 Under the overall guidance of the Project Manager (PM), the technical officer for the biodiversity workstream will be responsible in helping the PM, on a part-time basis, on coordinating and the execution of the related project activities. The specific tasks and responsibilities include the following:

  • Help the PM to coordinate, implement, follow up and monitor the assigned project activities;
  • Coordinating relevant wok and activities with the project team;
  • Follow up on the implementations of the project assignments with consultants and service providers;
  • Follow up on actions items requested from the project stakeholders;
  • Assist in organization of workstream activities, including meetings, trainings, workshops, round-tables, events and day to day work;
  • Perform regular site assessments to identify project opportunities as well as site visits to follow up implementation.
  • Identify opportunities for biodiversity conservation interventions
  • Support the work of the Green Sharm national committee and related working groups: establishing suitable dates for meeting, dealing with logistics and travel arrangements, circulating documentation and material, keeping update meetings and agenda and to follow up activities and decisions;
  • Monitor project progress and participate in the production of progress reports ensuring that they meet the necessary reporting requirements and standards;
  • Ensure all logistical arrangements for the implementation of the workstream activities are carried out smoothly;
  • Review and coordinate the production of knowledge materials;


  • University degree in ecology or any related field;
  • Previous work experience in biodiversity conservation projects, in particular with international organizations, is recommended;
  • At least (3-4) years of experience in sustainable development particularly in projects/activities related to biodiversity conservation;
  • Previous experience in working with protected area management
  • Previous experience in dealing and working with local communities/tribes people;
  • Previous working experience with tourism sector and/or in Sharm El Sheikh;
  • Professional knowledge about the biodiversity conservation and management in South Sinai;
  • Demonstrable ability to maintain effective communications and follow-up with different stakeholders, and arrange stakeholder meetings and/or workshops;
  • Excellent computer skills, in particular mastery of all applications of the MS Office package;
  • Excellent written communication skills;
  • Excellent English and Arabic language skills is a requirement.

Work activation and reporting 

  • The senior technical officer will report directly to the Project Manager;
  • The senior technical officer is expected to manage the related project activities in South Sinai on a part- time basis (10 working days/month), in some cases traveling to Cairo may be required;
  • Decent accommodation will be provided by the project in Sharm El Sheikh, accordingly the candidate will not be intitled to DSA during his/her stay in Sharm El Sheikh.

Application Procedure

 Applicants are required to submit the following documents to on or before the 28th of May 2024 at 16h00 with the subject line: Technical Officer – Biodiversity Conservation Workstream (Green Sharm El Sheikh Project)

 Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Letter of Motivation
  • Personal CV

To apply for this job email your details to