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Skills Development (Diplomas)
Skills Development
Global Business Graduate Diploma



Graduate Diploma in Global Business


The program is designed to provide solid functional knowledge to individuals who
already have an academic background in business or in related fields. It allows students
to develop solid analytical abilities. Students also establish collaborative work skills,
team-building skills and acquire an understanding of the global marketplace.

Increasing competition between national and international companies calls for a greater degree of ability and professionalism on the part of all managers. The structure of the program ensures that participants are able to develop both academic knowledge and practical management.




BUS509 Contemporary Management
BUS552 Accounting for Managers
BUS518 Financial Management
BUS520 Marketing Management
BUS616 International Finance
BUS620 International Marketing


Diploma graduates can transfer to the MBA program after finishing the program requirements with a minimum grade point average of 3.3

The Graduate Diploma programs are
offered under the academic supervision
of Group ESLSCA faculty, GD can be
completed in three academic terms. It
should be noted, however, that the time
to complete the program is nine months.