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Skills Development
International Career Management & HR Graduate Diploma


International Career Management Diploma



Increasing competition between national and
international companies calls for a greater
degree of ability and professionalism on the
part of all managers. The structure of the
program ensures that participants are able
to develop both academic knowledge and
practical management.


A company›s ability to grow and stay competitive has always relied heavily on the quality of its people. In bottom-line terms, employees represent intellectual capital that can make or break a firm›s effort to remain competitive. This diploma is designed to equip both HR and non-HR managers to develop and implement the modern strategic human resources practices that manage the corporate intellectual capital and contribute to its profitability.

This diploma is empowered by the Career Development Network» and the Career Research and Testing, Inc.

Upon successful completion of this diploma:

  •  candidates will be awarded - in addition to the diploma, two highly recognized certificates Job and Career Development Coach Certification - Job and Career Transition Coach Certification.




BUS509 Contemporary Management
BUS522 Training and Development
BUS523 Performance Management & Strategic Reward Systems
BUS524 Career Coaching and Counseling
BUS526 Strategic Career Planning
BUS583 Strategic Human Resources


Diploma graduates can transfer to the MBA program after finishing the program requirements with a minimum grade point average of 3.3


The Graduate Diploma programs
are offered under the academic
supervision of Group ESLSCA faculty,
GD can be completed in three
academic terms. It should be noted,
however, that the time to complete
the program is nine months.