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Skills Development
Marketing Practical Diploma
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Marketing Practical Diploma Certificate accredited from

The Canadian Management Institute of Management & Training in Canada.


   Start Date : Saturday August, 31st 2019 

  (Every Saturday from 10AM to 5PM) 

   Duration : 96 Hrs/3 months 


Course Modules 


Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process

- Creating and Capturing Customer Value 
- Products and Services 
- Company and Marketing Strategy 

Marketing Strategy

- Analysing the Marketing Environment 
- Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 
- Product Life-cycle Strategies 

Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research

- Consumer Markets & Consumer Behaviour
- Marketing Research 

Brand Management

- Creating Brand Equity 
- Building Brand Equity
- Measuring Brand Equity 
- Other Competitive Strategies
- Managing a Brand Crisis 

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

- Communicating and Delivering Value 
- Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Chanels
- Channel-Design Decisions
- E-Commerce Marketing Practices 
- Personal Selling
- Direct Marketing - Customer Relationship Management

















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