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Skills Development ( Training Programs )
Skills Development
Human Resources Management
Start date:  2011-01-16   End date:  2012-01-16
Topics to be covered:
1- Human Resources Framework
The importance of Human Resources Management.
Purpose of Human Resources Management.
Objectives that serve as a check on decisions of Human Resources Management including: Organizational Objectives, Functional Objectives, Societal Objectives, and Personal Objectives.
Human Resources Functions.
2- Recruiting
Creating applicants database (Through different methods like filling applications, mailing list, advertising, etc).
Job analysis as a source of job information.
Reaching Terms of Reference.
Recruiting in order to compensate gab between financial and non financial benefits.
Selection & Placement Process by using selection tests to screen applications.
Interviewing skills & practices.
Hiring decision.
3- Salary Surveys
  Where supply and demand of candidats and the job duties and responsibilities are analyzed.
4- Contracting
  Preparing different types of contracts according to the type of job and duration of contract including all responsibilities, duration, rights & obligations, terms of resignation, and termination.
Different Types of Contracts.
5- Training
  Once hired, new employees are oriented to the company’s policies and procedures, and given training needed to be productive.
6- Benefits & Services
  The training will highlight different financial and non financial benefits like insurance protection like car allowance or mobile coverage and its importance, and recreational activities.
Employee Compensation.
Benefits & Service as a supplementary compensation.
Motivation Plan.
7- Payroll
  The payroll personnel is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of all employees after calculating deduction, overtime, annual leave, and sick leaves.
8- Appraisal Performance
  The training will demonstrate the performance appraisal as an activity to measure effective job performance according to standard criteria and how to take corrective action needed. As it includes feedback to the individual and determination of whether and how the performance can be improved.
Appraisal performance system.
Appraisal methods.
Performance evaluation systems (Graphic rating scales).
9- Conflict Resolution
  As managers can’t always wait for the feedback and then respond, proactive human resources management occurs when HR problems are anticipated and corrective action begins before a problem arises.
10- Using Information Technology (IT) in Human Resources Management
Information systems of human resources management.
Ways to optimize the use of human resources using productivity applications.
11- Human Resources Management Models in Egypt
Industrial Sector
Banking Sector
Education Sector