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Skills Development ( Training Programs )
Skills Development
Public Administration
Start date:  2011-01-16   End date:  2012-01-16
Topics to be covered:
1- Foundation of Public Administration in Egypt
2- Administration Reforms in Egypt (1990s – 2000s)
3- Public Policy and Investment Regulations
4- One Stop Shop Profile
5- Public Policy and Urban Administration
6- Comparative Local Systems and the Road Towards Decentralization
7- Administrative Development Programs including:
Institutional Development Program
Infrastructural Program
Government Services Development Program
8- Public Policy and Administration of the Government, examining Public Administration Aspects of the Government focusing on Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches
9- Local Development Programs including:
Local Development Fund
Local Development Information Center Program
Clean Village Program
Geographical Targeting of Poverty Program
10- Social Solidarity Programs including:
Social Development Program
Family Producers’ Program
Administrative Policies for Displacement and Resettlement
11- Egypt Economic Reforms