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Skills Development ( Training Programs )
Skills Development
Communication & Information Technology
Start date:  2011-01-16   End date:  2012-01-16
Topics to be covered:
1- Introduction Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
a) Definition of ICT
b) History of Information Technology
c) Role of ICT in Today Environment
d) Business Process Reengineering
e) Component of ICT
2- E-Commerce – A Business Perspective
E-Commerce: definition, benefits, & limitations.
E-marketing & Marketing Mix
E-Commerce Classification & Models
Cyber-services, B2c, B2B & Supply Chain.
3- E-Business – Technical Prespective
Strategic Planning (important factors, risk management, disintermediation threat)
Technical Perspective :
- Internet, Intranet, & Extranet
- E-commerce framework and infrastructure
- Electronic data interchange
- Security issues
- Development tools & languages
4- Computer Networking
Internet History & Importance
Network Communication Approaches
Ethernet Technology
Internet Addressing
Internet Protocol
IP Routing
IP Subnetting
5- Introduction to IT Project Management
6- Risk Management – Programme Management