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Skills Development ( Training Programs )
Skills Development
Managing Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Start date:  2011-01-16   End date:  2012-01-16
Topics to be covered:
1- Small Medium Enterprises
Definition of SME’s.
Challenges facing SME’s.
SME’s development law.
2- Preparing Feasibility Study for SME’s
What’s Feasibility Study?
Elments of Feasibility Study.
Marketing Study / Technical Study / Financial Study.
3- Non Financial Services for SME’s
Technical Support.
4- Incubators, Business Development Center, One Stop Shop, Franchiaze, Technical Support Centers.
5- SME’s Program Management
Introduction (Preliminary remarks).
The integrated approach.
The logical framework.
Success of a project.
6- Promoting Investment in Egypt
  The year 2007 witnessed many achievements in the investment domain on both local and world levels where net foreign direct investment increased during FY 2006/2007 to reach $ 11.1 billion. Flows of foreign direct investment became one of most important sources of increase in net international reserves in Egypt which increased with the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) to reach $ 30.9 billion at the end of October 2007.
Promoting Investment.
- Introduction to Modern Investment.
- Concepts and benefits.
- Implementation follow up.
- Budgeting & control
- Performance Analysis & Deviation assessment.
- Foreign Investment promotion.
- Introduction to Foreign Investment promotion
- Private Foreign Investment (Pros & Cons).
- Motives & regulations for foreign investment.
- FDI and Foreign Indirect Investment.
Egypt Investment Promotion.
  This part shows how the Egyptian governement encourages the private sector to invest in projects that contribute to the economic development of the country through different kinds of investment including Tourism Investment as one of the most important fields of investment I Egypt. It includs:
- How beneficial are foreign investments for developing countries?.
- Inland investment in Egypt (fields on investment, the guarantees, incentives, incorporation of a company inder investment law).
- Tourism Investment.
- Overview: Egypt’s Free Zones (Privileges, Incentives, Exemption and Guarantees).
- Management of Foreign Financial Resources.
- Egypt as a country donor.
- Efforts for improving the climate of Investment.