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Skills Development ( Training Programs )
Skills Development
WTO Negotiations
Start date:  2011-01-16   End date:  2012-01-16
Topics to be covered:
1- WTO
Ministerial Declaration
Brief Historiacal Background
The GATT System (Objectives & Basic Principles)
Wide Misconceptions about the GATT / WTO System 
Facts about Terminology.
2- Developing Countries & WTO
Trade Remedies.
The Problems of Joining WTO for Countries in Transitional Economic Transformation.
3- Promotion of Foreign Trade in Egypt
Status of Foreign Trade in Egypt.
Trade Policy in Egypt (internal dimension).
Trade Policy in Egypt (external dimension).
Explaining the problems and suggesting solutions.
International Business Linkages.
How to deal with Foreign Trade.
Organizing Foreign Economic & Trade Relations; Bilateral.
Organizing Foreign Economic & Trade Relations; Regional.
Protection of Domestic Market against imports.
Strategic options in international markets Requirements – Considerations – Foundation – Investing – Strategies.
Organization of Export-Import operations, taking into consideration the globalization of the world.
4- Egypt in the Framework of the World Trade Organization
Brief description of the different agreements under the auspices of the WTO (Agriculture, Services, TRIPS, etc).
Evaluation of Egypt’s commitments in the WTO compared to other developing countries.
What position should Egypt take in thwe negotiations in the future rounds?
5- Promoting Investment in Egypt
Overview: Egypt’s Free Zones (Privileges, Incentives, Exemption and Guarantees).
Introduction to Modern Investment.
Concepts and benefits
Implementation follow up.
Budgeting 7 control.
Performance Analysis & Deviation assessment.
Foreign Investment promotion
Introduction to Foreign Investment promotion.
Private Foreign Investment (Pros & Cons).
Motives & regulations for foreign investment.
FDI and Foreign Indirect Investment.
How beneficial are foreign investments for developing countries?.
Management of Foreign Financial Resources.
Egypt as a country donor.
6- Trade Laws and Double Taxation Treaties
Taxes agreements and regulations