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Conferences Implementation
OUDA Event Organization Services relieves cooperating projects/programs of the logistical burdens associated with event organization from A to Z. From managing mailing list of attendees, receiving confirmations, arranging site reservations, travel and accommodation for their guests, catering services, venue selection and accommodations preparation of facilities.
Conference/ Workshop organization can be a nerve-wrecking experience. While trying to conduct an effective, objective-oriented conference/workshop, project staff may find themselves spending more time following up on catering, VIP arrivals, and seating arrangements rather than participating in the events scheduled.
Conferences and Workshops Implemented by OUDA:
International Conference on Population & Development+1 (ICPD+1).
  According to the agreement signed between OUDA and The National Non- Governmental Organization Committee to implement the ICPD+1.
The Global Economic Crisis & Its Implications on Egypt Economy.
  According to the agreement signed between OUDA and Ministry of Housing and new communities to implement the INTA.
South to South Conference.
  The conference was held for the international NGO "Partners in Population and Development" attended by 15 delegations from different countries, each is headed by the Minister of Health and Population in each country. Among the attendees, who were about 230 persons, were H.H. Pope Shenuwda, Sheikh of Al Azhar, most of the ministers and ambassadors, international agencies, like UNFPA, and many NGOs.
The Preparatory Seminar for the National Conference for Social Development.
  H. E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak headed the conference, under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Number of attendees was 160. All ministers, governors and ambassadors attended, headed by H. E. Prime Minister Atef Ebaied.
H. E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak discussed the effect of the globalization on the economical and social activities in Egypt and the importance of developing the national human resources as main source of power in Egypt.
Investment chances in Upper Egypt Conference.
  The Conference was held for The General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP). Attended by total of 280 Invitees, headed by three ministries, 3 ambassadors and 2 governors. The Conference aim was to promote certain areas in Upper Egypt for investors to work on it.