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By initiating an Operational Management Agreement (OMA) , OUDA menu of rendered services become available to the project’s executing entity as per demanded: whether the requesting client is multi-lateral or bi-lateral agencies, public and /pr governmental sector , privateenterprise, and/pr non-govermental organization (NGO). Having an efficient functional mechanism characterizing its performance, OUDA assures high-quality and timely delivery of assistance provided to the subcontracted entity.
OUDA offers operational support to projects through the following services:
By providing centralized development administration and management support, projects are directly benefiting by utilizing OUDA rendered assistance in programs implementation. In line with the OUDA field of competence as per activities listed, it operates within a mechanism that enjoys a degree of flexibility, accountability and professionalism which allows effective outputs and deliverables. In addition to OUDA efforts to the built in national expertise and cadre of national professionals.